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Questions to Ask Yourself When Planning a Phone Booth Shower Remodel

What should you look for when you’re considering a home renovation project? A couple of good questions to ask yourself are whether you want to do it yourself, or if you want a professional contractor to do the work. And, perhaps most importantly, do you want someone else to come in and do the work, or do you want the work done right the first time and just have someone else do it? In other words, do you want someone to be in your home on average weekends during the week or one to two times per month? In this article, we’ll look at the characteristics of good remodeling contractors, and Fresno homeowners who are looking for a new Shower Remodel Contractor.


First, what do the rates of labor per square foot for installing a new shower or remodel versus building an existing one? The answer depends on the type of improvement, you want to make. Some improvements require less labor per square foot than others – such as installing new tile on the walls rather than new cabinetry, upgrading the lighting in the bathroom, installing new flooring throughout, etc. While these types of showers may be more expensive to build than an in-place built-in shower, they are generally less costly to remodel, particularly if you have existing plumbing and don’t need to replace or repair it.


Second, are you looking at replacing the shower panels or tiling? If you’re just replacing the tiles, you probably want to upgrade to a high-end tile brand that has a reputation for quality build and longevity. There’s a huge selection of popular brands to choose from including: Armstrong, Bathtub and showers, Chateau, Corning, Pamper, and many more. When replacing the panels, the most common type of tile used is ceramic tile; however, fiberglass and slate tiles are also growing in popularity.


Third, are you replacing the floor, walls, showerheads, or tiling? A non-cement board, which is typically applied by a professional plumber, is the cheapest solution, but does not provide the longevity or durability of a fiberglass liner. A fiberglass liner will provide superior waterproofing while still lasting well over the long term. You can also consider a shower remodel that uses a waterproofing membrane. The membranes are available in many different styles, such as: Schluter, Waterguard, Wedi, and Wedi Microwave.


Finally, what do you want from your new shower remodel? If you’re simply looking to replace the walls, you can find a wide variety of designs, including: frameless glass enclosures, shower curtains, shower doors with or without a glass panel, and more. However, if you’re replacing the floors, walls, or ceiling, you’ll need to take into account the existing plumbing, and make sure that it can be adapted to accommodate the new floor plan. In addition, there are many options available for waterproofing. Consider using a spray on waterproofing membrane, an epoxy spray, or an Inline waterproofing system.


These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself when planning a complete Shower Remodel. With a little research, and careful planning, you can transform your old shower area into something more spa-like. No matter what type of Shower Remodel you are planning, remember that an organized, cost-effective and long-lasting Shower Remodel will add value to your home for years to come. Best of luck!